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AAX: Discover this institutional-grade crypto exchange site

In today’s modern era where the demand for cryptocurrency is at its peak, investors are wanting more from their crypto exchanges. Aside from being a reliable platform for buying, selling and trading crypto assets, they want their site to have several features that support a wide variety of tokens. 

One token that offers these features is AAX. Launched in 2019, it’s considered one of the leading crypto exchange sites in the market due to its wide range of services and promotions for users. 

Learn everything about this exchange and discover how it can improve your crypto trading when you dive into it here at Cryptoshimbun!

What is AAX?

AAX or Atom Asset Exchange is a crypto trading platform that offers various products like futures, P2P Trading, leveraged trading and more. Additionally, one of the biggest highlights of this is that it charges zero charges, which is a huge plus considering how high fees from other exchanges are.

Furthermore, it’s also the first exchange to be a recipient of the cutting-edge matching engine patented by LSEG Technology that allows users to trade in the platform rapidly and seamlessly. 

Different products of AAX

AAX exchange features various products that make them stand out against other exchange sites. These products make the exchange site all the more worth it to use as they provide more services to their users aside from being a reliable trading platform. 


AAX exchange allows its users to engage in futures trading on their website to guarantee profit from their mining investment. How futures work is that it locks in value for a certain cryptocurrency and prevents fluctuations no matter what direction its price trajectory goes.

Mobile Support

Users who want to trade anytime, anywhere can use the site’s services through the AAX exchange app which can be accessed across devices.

Through this feature,  it is easy for users to monitor and trade their assets whenever they want. All they need to do is download the app, which is supported in both Apple and Android,  and connect to a stable internet connection.

Fast Buy

The Fast Buy feature allows users to purchase various cryptocurrencies on the AAX exchange. Here, users can easily choose how much they want to spend using their currency of choice(USD, AUD, CAD, etc.). Then, they can choose to receive that amount in either of the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • USDC
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Stellar Lumens (XLM)
  • OKB.

Moreover, the site also features a one-click buy feature where users can quickly purchase USDT with zero fees.

P2P Trading

AXX exchange offers peer-to-peer or P2P services that enable users to buy and sell tokens directly with each other without the need for a central authority. This means that no commission will be needed to pay a middleman who’ll process the transaction. 

Promotions of AAX exchange

To keep engagement in the platform, AAX exchange has various promotions that incentivize users for maintaining the network. These promotions aren’t only helpful in drawing in new people but in maintaining users as well. This includes:

Friend invitation contest

One of the ways that AAX exchange expands its community is through the friend invitation contest. In this promotion, users are rewarded with USDT every time they refer their friends to use the platform. Each successful referral will award them with 10 USDT if their friend successfully registers within 15 days.

Referral program

Another promotion that incentivizes users for spreading the word about AAX exchange is the referral program. Here, 4 invitation rewards can be claimed after the referred person successfully engages in various activities in the network such as deposit, trade, subscribing to fixed savings, etc.

The rewards included in this program include a fixed amount of USDT and a specific percentage of return commission.

Time-limited benefits

AAX exchange offers several time-limited benefits where users would have to buy a specific amount of cryptos to win a prize. There have been several ones in the past and as of the time of writing, a brand new iPhone 13 Pro is up for grabs.

In this time-limited incentive, users who buy 200 USDT worth of crypto in a single order will be rewarded with either a random prize or a treasure box key. When 5 of these mysterious keys are collected, the user will receive a unique prize. 

NFT Lottery

The exchange also took advantage of the continuous rise of NFT’s popularity by featuring a lottery that gives out different unique artworks. To become eligible for the lottery, users must exceed 10,000 USDT in their fixed savings on the network. Once they reach the requirements, they’ll get a chance to win an NFT mystery box.

Moreover, the site also has a lot of rare and valuable NFTs that will only be revealed during lucky draws.

New user exclusive

AAX exchange also offers new users a head start by giving them exclusive access to rewards and fixed savings when they create an account. However, there is a deposit amount that they have to meet so that they can be eligible for the rewards.

Should you use AAX?

Aside from being a solid choice for crypto trading, AAX also proves to be worthy of a typical crypto trader’s attention because of how accessible it is plus its useful products and promotions. The platform lays everything in front of you from future tradings to fast buy options, P2P tradings and more. 

Using the platform will also benefit you asset-wise as it incentivizes you for doing certain activities such as referring friends. Additionally, AAX features promotions that take advantage of current trends which is evident with their NFT Lottery.

Moreover, if you do decide to start using AAX exchange, you’ll be treated to new user exclusives that can help you ease your way in the crypto market. These features not only make the lives of its users easier but also give them reasons to keep using the platform.

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