An in-depth understanding of BigONE

In today’s advanced landscape of cryptocurrency, crypto enthusiasts and traders alike are looking for crypto exchange platforms that can guarantee their security. Amongst the extensive range of exchanges available, one of the most outstanding platforms in the market is BigONE. 

Considered as one of the safest crypto exchanges, BigONE continues to dominate the world of crypto trading with a streamlined trading process and ease of use that shows its users that their safety is the number one priority.

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What is BigONE exchange?

Founded in November 2017 by CEO Eric Meltzer, BigONE is a crypto-to-crypto exchange platform that allows users to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA) and more. It currently has a market capitalization of 15 million and a maximum supply of 200 million tokens in circulation.

Although BigONE was registered and first launched in Singapore, the exchange operates in China and supports more than a hundred altcoins. It’s one of the biggest exchanges in Asia, specifically in countries like Singapore, Japan and Korea. However, BigONE is yet to become available in the United States.  

BigONE exchange also boasts high-security levels, offering traders various ways to keep their trading account and transactions safe and secured. Some of their security measures include multiple signatures, two-step verification, real-time monitoring of wallets and more.

BigONE advantages: What to look forward to   

What makes BigONE a popular exchange platform among crypto traders is its wide range of features such as mobile support, Over The Counter trading, Know Your Customer Policy and more. 

Learn more about the advantages of using BigONE below:

Multiple Signature Cold Wallet

The Multiple Signature Cold Wallet works by requiring two or more private keys to send a transaction. It also requires multiple cryptographic signatures or the private key’s fingerprint to access the cold wallet.

BigONE prides itself on being the most secure crypto exchange platform with zero security breach issues since its release. The exchange values the safety of users by heightening the level of security.

According to the exchange, most of its users’ funds are stored in cold wallets that can only be accessed manually by officials approved by BigONE once all relevant protocols have been followed and completed. 

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

BigONE also implements the Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA to ensure the safety of the trading accounts. Through this, accounts can only be accessed by using a code sent via SMS or Google Authenticator app.  

Know Your Customer (KYC) policy

To prevent identity theft issues on the platform, BigONE implements the KYC policy which allows a trading account to be traceable to the real owner no matter where they are located. To make this possible, BigONE requires its users to provide proof of identity upon registration such as ID, contact information and photo.

Trading view

The Trading View of BigONE allows you to see a real-time overview of the cryptocurrencies including their price chart. You can also view the trade history and order book all in one layout. 

VIP System

BigONE’s VIP System is the latest addition to its list of features that give you benefits as a reward for continuously engaging in the platform. Some of these benefits include a discount on spot trading fees and a reduction in leverage interests rates. Leverage reduction is where an individual works their way to reduce their total debt.

For instance, if you’re an avid trader of crypto on the site, you will be provided with a reasonable trading fee discount to enhance your trading experience.

Over the Counter Trading (OTC)

BigONE has an OTC desk where you’re allowed to purchase cryptocurrencies directly from other traders. This feature is made possible by paying for your desired cryptocurrency through Alipay or WeChat Pay.

24-hour customer support

Users have 24-hour access to BigONE’s customer support service. You can reach out to the support team in three different ways:

  • Live Chat option – You can directly talk to customer support regarding issues about the site or how to use it. Just simply click on the blue chat bubble at the bottom left corner of the page. 
  • FAQs section – Inside the blue chat bubble, you’ll find a variety of FAQs, articles and news updates regarding BigONE. By typing a keyword, different results will appear.
  • Request Submission – On BigONE’s site under the ‘More’ section of the menu is the ‘Support’ option where you can submit your request.

Multi-platform supported

BigONE is easily accessible through different devices since it’s a web-based platform. This means that it can run on any operating system and works with any device.

Additionally, you can also use BigONE when you download its mobile application on both Android and iOS mobile devices. 

How to start trading at BigONE

Start trading with your preferred cryptocurrencies at BigONE. If it’s your first time using the platform, follow the instructions below for a successful trading experience:

  1. Create an account 
  • Visit BigONE’s website. 
  • You can create an account using your mobile number or email address. 
  • Get the verification code sent to your email address. 
  • Decide on a password. It should be 8 to 20 letters and includes symbols, numbers and upper & lowercase letters.  
  • Tick the box for the User Agreement and Privacy Statement.
  1. Verification
  • Log in on the BigONE website again and input your email and password.
  • Choose between your mobile number or the Google Authenticator app where you want the code to be located.
  • Enable the authenticator and scan the QR code
  • Wait until the Know-Your-Customer procedure is completed.
  1. Begin trading
  • Fund your account by choosing the amount you want on the deposit page. 
  • Make sure your KYC verification is done before making deposits into your account.
  • Start trading with your chosen cryptocurrency.
  1. Withdraw
  • Go to the withdrawal section of the site and choose the currency you want to withdraw.
  • Input the withdrawal address and transfer your funds.

Trading starts with BigONE

Amongst the various crypto exchange platforms, BigONE has all the features and benefits that will give you a trading experience like no other. Moreover, its high level of security shows that it’s one of the most trusted crypto exchange platforms in the market today. Find out if BigONE suits your trading style when you make an account and start trading! 

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