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Cash App: Number one in finance

Here comes Cash App, your all-in-one finance app that makes your money transferable and accessible with just a few taps. Moving your money has never been easier. With Cash App, sending funds from your bank account to another wallet is as hassle-free as sending a text. 

Now you don’t have to worry about searching your purse for loose change or going to a bank just to remit funds. Plus, it’s lightning-quick so there’s no need to wait for a minute to a few business days just to complete a transaction. 

Not only does Cash App let you move money instantaneously, but it also allows you to put your money to greater use with its investing options. You can begin your investment portfolio by purchasing stocks and even crypto coins in just one app.

Technology has opened a lot of doors for people, making things easier and life more enjoyable. Learn more about Cash App here and find out how it’s such a revolutionary tool in today’s ever-changing world.

All you need to know about Cash App

Cash App is an all-in-one mobile finance application that lets you send, receive and invest money for free. Created by Square, Inc., one of the leading payment solutions companies in the United States, the finance app first began operating in 2013 and its user base has now grown to be as large as 30 million. The huge number of active users only proves Cash App’s legitimacy, usefulness and effectiveness.

Services offered by Cash App

You can do a number of financial services in it. Cash App can be a medium between your credit cards and bank accounts when making transactions to make the process easier and more streamlined. 

Aside from that, you can cash in and use the app as a digital wallet. By cashing in, you’re making your money more transferable and accessible. You can send funds in just a few clicks without having to go through a harrowing process. 

Their latest addition to their range of services is investing in traditional and novel markets. You can now buy stocks in Cash App and watch your investments grow over a period of time. Additionally, you can also buy Bitcoin with your chosen payment source and sell it anytime without having to create another account on an exchange site. 

How to start using Cash App

To start using Cash App, all you need is to download the app on your smartphone and create an account. It’s available in the App Store for iOS users and Google Play Store for Android users. Once you’ve set up your account, you need to connect a money source. This can be a credit card, a direct bank account or if you don’t want to link your cards, you can just cash in and put some money directly into your Cash App balance. 

As long as you have funds connected to your Cash App account, you can begin utilizing its services. From sending money and completing purchases online, you can do it all with ease as long as you have a fund source.

Things you can do with your Cash App account

Send money 

Moving your money and sending funds using Cash App is literally as easy as sending a text message. Once you open the app, a green screen with a keypad will appear with two options below: ‘Request’ and ‘Send’. All you need to do is input the amount you want to send before tapping on the corresponding option. 

Next, you have to input the details of the recipient. This can be their name, email address, phone number or unique cash tag. You can input a short message if you want but aside from that, you’re good to go. 

There’s also another way to instantly send money without having to input the recipient’s details and that is by scanning their unique QR code. Once you’ve scanned it, all you need to do is enter the amount you want to send and you’re done!

Receive funds

Receiving money is just as instant as sending money. You can request money from anyone without hassle using Cash App. You just have to enter the amount you’re requesting, input the sender’s details, add a little note if you want and you’re done. Click the Request button and all the details will be sent to the person you requested from.

Just as with sending money, you can also use your own QR code to make receiving funds easier. You can screenshot the code, send it to the person you’re requesting money from and wait for them to scan and input the necessary details. 

Invest in stocks and Bitcoin

You can also buy stocks and Bitcoin with your Cash App account, and you can do this using your credit or debit card and bank account. 

To begin, tap the Investing option on the bottom of the screen and choose what you want to buy. For stocks, there are a lot of options to choose from, but for crypto, there is only Bitcoin. You’ll be able to see the current market price of your chosen asset to help you decide which to buy. 

Once you’ve made up your mind, you can then tap the Buy button and select the amount you want to buy. There’s a minimal cost but it’s already included in your selected price. Purchasing stocks in Cash App is instantaneous and you don’t need to wait for a few business days to receive your purchased coins. If you want to gain profit from your investment, you can choose to sell it in the app itself so you won’t have to transfer it to another third-party app.

Enjoy discounts

Cash App also allows you to enjoy discounts from partner stores when you use your cash card. This is Cash App’s virtual card that lets you purchase items and services online and in stores. Once you’ve activated your cash card, you can enjoy discounts such as 10% off when you buy something from their partner stores like In-N-Out and Taco Bell.

Cash App: Make your money work for you

The digital renaissance has finally come to the finance sector. Utilizing the wonders of modern technology, Cash App lets you do more than just complete financial transactions with a few taps under a few minutes.

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