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A complete guide to Huobi Global Exchange

With the cryptocurrency industry on the rise, more people nowadays are choosing to invest in crypto coins and manage their funds online. This is where a good exchange site comes into the picture.

Learn about Huobi Global Exchange and how it can help level up your trading game in the cryptocurrency industry. Before you know it, you’ll be trading crypto coins like a pro with this user-friendly exchange site.

An introduction to Huobi Global

The Chinese word ‘Huo’ translates to fire or hot, while the word ‘bi’ means coins. Combining the two words creates Huobi, or ‘fiery coins’. This was the basis for the name of a cryptocurrency exchange platform that gives you everything you need.

Lion Li first created Huobi Global in 2013 in Beijing, China. Only three months after its establishment, the exchange boasted a $4 billion turnover. This number continued to rise and eventually quadrupled by the end of their first year.

Their success continued until the Chinese government banned all crypto activities in the country. Huobi then relocated to Singapore and expanded to surrounding countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Russia.

Today, Huobi Global Exchange is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. If you are a beginner in the industry and want to start trading crypto coins, then this site is an excellent choice.

How to open an account in Huobi Global Exchange

  • Go to the Huobi Global homepage.
  • Click the ‘Sign-up’ icon to begin.
  • Input your personal information such as your email address, nationality, and log-in information.
  • Wait for a verification number or link to be sent to your email.
  • You can also opt to register using your phone number. Simply input your number and you will be sent a verification code to get started.
  • Choose whether you want to fund your account with cryptocurrencies or with fiat currency.
  • When your details are settled, you will see the features of the user interface. Then you can explore the features and exchanges being offered.

How to deposit and withdraw funds

Depositing funds

Upon logging in, you will be redirected to the first page where you can choose to transfer or buy new digital assets.

If you don’t have any digital assets yet, you will be redirected to the OTC (over-the-counter) page where you can see the list of sellers, buyers, and the value of cryptocurrencies you can purchase. You can even see what payment methods they accept and a detailed list of requirements needed before buying.

On the other hand, if you already have digital assets that you want to transfer to Huobi Global, click the ‘Balances’ or ‘Transfer Now’ button and you will be brought to your personal balances page.

On this page, you will have control of your funds and see the current balance you have with every crypto coin. You can deposit funds with a special QR code that can be scanned using your phone.

Withdrawing funds

If you want to withdraw your funds from Huobi Global, all you need to do is go to the balances page and scroll through your list of digital assets.

From there, you will find the option to withdraw on the rightmost part of the page. A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to fill up the necessary details to complete the transaction.

How to buy and sell digital assets

Buying digital assets

This is where your Huobi Global experience will begin! Go to the OTC page and click on the ‘Trade Center’ button on the upper left side of the page. You can access the listings and see the option to buy them on the right side of each listing.

See a step-by-step guide on how to buy assets below:

  1. Search for the cryptocurrency you want to buy and filter results.
  2. Once you find what you need, click the ‘Buy’ button.
  3. Fill up the necessary information in the pop-up window.
  4. Your request will be processed by Huobi Global and completed within a day or two.

Selling digital assets

If you want to sell your digital assets on Huobi Exchange, it’s quite similar to the buying process. Just go to the OTC page and click the ‘Trade Center’ button on the upper left side of the page. You will be redirected to the listings.

Here’s how to sell your digital assets on the exchange:

  1. Press the ‘Sell’ button on the crypto you chose.
  2. Fill up the necessary information in the pop-up window.
  3. Your sell order will be processed by Huobi Global and completed within a day or two.

Features and services of Huobi Global

Dynamic trading listings

The cryptocurrency listings in Huobi Global are dynamic and continue to update themselves depending on your preferences and filtered requests. All you need to do is click a few buttons and you can access all of the listed digital assets sold on the Huobi exchange platform. Choose from a selection of digital assets that are available in the United States and Asia—specifically in Singapore, China, and Korea.

User-friendly interface

Anyone can trade with Huobi Global! Whether you are a novice or seasoned trader, it’s easy to navigate through the pages with its intuitive design. Moreover, you can quickly understand the process of buying and selling funds on this platform.

Huobi User Protection Fund

Another important feature that Huobi Global offers is its user protection fund. This serves as an insurance policy that protects traders against hacking, theft, account loss, and other factors.

Excellent customer service

One of the best things about Huobi Global is the customer service experience because you can get a response from an attendant within an hour or less!

Lower trading fees

Save more money with Huobi Global with its lower trading fees that can compete with other crypto exchange platforms. They feature tiered-trading fees that can change based on the volume of transactions. You can even access special discounts.

Trade with Huobi Global today!

Invest smart and trade efficiently when you register to Huobi Global Exchange. With its user-friendly interface and complete listings, you won’t have trouble completing transactions and managing your funds. Register today and start trading!

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