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The ultimate guide to Max Maicoin exchange

When it comes to cryptocurrency growth and adoption rate, Asia is one of the top contenders in the race. To further propel the expansion of digital assets, many Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong are accepting businesses, assets, and exchanges that are related to cryptocurrency.

Aside from these countries, Taiwan is also making itself recognized in the crypto sphere by housing some of the popular local exchange sites such as BitoPro and OTCBTC. However, among these crypto platforms, one of the most popular is Max Maicoin.

Established in 2014, Max Maicoin is a well-known exchange that supports the trade of a wide range of digital currencies, stable coins, and DeFi currencies. By harnessing the power of decentralization, Max MaiCoin aims to create a space where people across the globe can exchange assets efficiently without paying expensive fees.

Max Maicoin offers a 24-hour service for online transactions so that users from across the world can do transfers. Moreover, users can also trade in the exchange using its native coin, MAX.

From 2018 to 2019, there are at least 60 million MAX tokens in circulation. Furthermore, the head team of the exchange said that the coins they mined are enough to supply public demand.

In 2019, they burned at least 90 million to maintain the number of the overall supply of the coin. This is because they believe that there are enough MAX tokens currently circulating and available in the market.

Max MaiCoin: Features you should know about

Max MaiCoin is popular among users because of its intuitive features that can support customers from all over the world.

Moreover, the developers of the exchange ensure that they update their service to keep up with the continuous expansion of digital assets in the world. Here are some of the most notable features of Max MaiCoin that you should know about:

User-friendly interface

Max Maicoin features a straightforward interface so its users can carry out crypto transactions with ease. The exchange can be accessed seamlessly across devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Moreover, the Max MaiCoin exchange can be downloaded on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Trading view for new users

Max MaiCoin has a trading view complete with an order book, price chart of different crypto assets, and order history. Moreover, there is a search bar so users can easily find available cryptocurrencies. Additionally, they continuously update their portfolio, so there are plenty of options for users who want to try different assets.


Trading fees

When it comes to service charges, Max MaiCoin offers a cheap trading fee of 0.15%, which is more affordable than most exchanges. On the other hand, the site offers a 0.05% charge for makers.

Withdrawal fees

Crypto withdrawal fees come at a fixed price, regardless of the amount of the asset withdrawn by the user. Usually, the fee depends on the digital asset being traded. For example, BTC on the Max MaiCoin exchange costs 0.0005 BTC compared to the 0.00008 BTC charged by other exchanges.

Deposit exchange

Max MaiCoin users have the option to wire transfer their funds. The only thing users should note is that the site doesn’t accept credit and debit cards.

Max MaiCoin: How to start trading?

Trading on Max MaiCoin exchange is easy. However, users should be wary of the guidelines implemented on the site for a more seamless trading experience. Here are some of them:

  • Users who want to use the exchange have to maintain a certain amount of cryptocurrency or fiat currency in their account. This is an important requirement because traders who don’t have sufficient balance on their Max MaiCoin account won’t be able to make a transaction.
  • All traders are allowed to make a Limit Order, Market Order, and Stop Order in their accounts.
  • When trading, the site automatically places an order to the order book. However, this will not be matched without permission from the user.
  • The schedule of matching between the Taker and Open Makers depends on the Price-Time Priority of the exchange.
  • Once an existing limit order has been placed, it will become a taker and match it with an existing maker order on the site.

Max MaiCoin: Create your account now

  • You can sign up by either choosing ‘Apply Individual Account’ or ‘Apply Corporate Account’. Select an account depending on your needs and preference.
  • Input your email address and create a strong password using different characters, letters, and symbols. This is to ensure that you won’t be hacked.
  • Once your account is made, confirm your address through the verification link sent to your account.
  • After your account is verified, select the information box that states you’re above the age of 20.
  • Once all of this is accomplished, you can now open your account and start trading.

Max MaiCoin: Meet the developers

Liu Shiwei

Max MaiCoin was founded by Liu Shiwei, a graduate of electrical engineering at the University of Stanford. Before he founded Maicoin, Shiwei was the CEO of Qualcomm and Atheros. Moreover, he is a well-known developer in Silicon Valley.

Lin Youde

Lin Youde is the assigned Deputy in General Manager of Engineering in the Max MaiCoin. Before he worked in the exchange, he worked at well-known companies such as Oracle and Dell. Youde earned his master’s degree in Information Science at Stanford University.

Chin Minghui

Chin Minghui is the Chief Operating Officer in Max MaiCoin. Before working for the exchange, she worked at Fubon Financial Holdings, a financial investment holding company in Taipei. At the time, she served as the head of Innovation and Technology in blockchain-related business. Minghui earned her degree at the master’s degree program in Information Science and Technology at the University of Detroit Mercy.

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