Bitcoin becomes an alternative banking system in Nigeria

A Feminist Coalition Group in Nigeria has turned to Bitcoin as their new digital asset to accept donations after the government of Nigeria shut down their bank accounts because of their support for the anti-police movement. The feminist group aims to spread the awareness of equal rights for women.

Their previous centralized payment processor called Flutterwave was where the group’s donations link came from before their bank accounts were shut down. The payment processor’s chairman was a former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. With the use of Bitcoin, donations can be given to the group and they’re confident that protests will continue to grow because a lot of Nigerians are familiar with how digital assets work.

Nigeria is now the largest cryptocurrency market in Africa and a lot of people in the country use digital assets such as Bitcoin and Dash as their mode of payment. Not only does the switch to Bitcoin allow the group to be immune to censorship payments that are linked to traditional power systems, but it also allows donors to have the option to make private transactions.

To send cryptocurrency donations, donors can use a Bitcoin address they rarely use and that’s not connected to their identity. They can also choose to send from a more centralized exchange like Coinbase because it has stricter identity rules.

American technology entrepreneur, philanthropist, co-founder and CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey has turned to Twitter to share his support for the feminist Coalition. He told his followers to help #EndSARS by donating using Bitcoin.

Due to the massive political troubles from around the globe, many are fighting against established political classes and police brutality that resulted in giant political protests. A lot of people from different countries have turned towards cryptocurrencies to continue their stand.

One of those is an English-level media organization called Hong Kong Free Press that uses BTCpay to accept Bitcoin donations.

Another one is in Thailand. Protestors have put up posters where pro-democracy protesters have appeared to start purchasing Bitcoin.

Government employees got dismissed from their jobs in Belarus because they supported the opposition rallies against the presidential result in the country. Due to that, they were sponsored by grants that are partly funded with the use of Cryptocurrencies to help them cope with their sudden expulsion from their jobs.

As protests mount from different parts of the world, Cryptocurrencies are beginning to be used in different ways. The argument that digital assets can be used to foster meaningful opposition is further strengthened with each use.

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