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Spanish football team RCD now accepts crypto payments

Popular Spanish football team RCD becomes the first in La Liga History to accept cryptocurrency payments. According to RCD Espanyol’s press release on their website last May 9, 2022, those who support the team and its players will now be able to buy game tickets, food, drinks and even merchandise in cryptocurrency next season. 

RCD’s new offering is made possible by a partnership with Crypto Snack (SNACK), an iGaming token known for partnering with sports teams, leagues and businesses. The SNACK token along with other digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ether can be used to purchase items and tickets to help support the RCD team and its upcoming games. 

Their partnership with SNACK will be ongoing for the upcoming season set to begin in August 2022 along with three additional campaigns. They are yet to announce a date but stated that they have started working on the implementation of accepting crypto payments at the RCDE Stadium. 

In an official press release posted on the PR Newswire platform last May 9, 2022, Crypto Snack CEO Stuart Morrison expressed his excitement about the new venture: 

‘It is an absolute honour for the Crypto Snack team and community to partner with one of the biggest and most well-known clubs in Europe. 

‘The partnership opens the club up to a whole new marketplace and allows Espanyol fans a fun, efficient way to support their team through the use of SNACK and other cryptocurrencies’. 

On the other hand, Mao Ye Wu, the CEO of RCD Espanyol also provided insight into the new partnership: ‘The sponsorship agreement offers huge advantages both on and off the pitch, and for both Pericos and all soccer fans who visit our fantastic facilities. With this step, we become pioneers in a field that is not the future, but already the present’. 

Crypto Snack and RCD is by far the first partnership of its kind in the realm of La Liga football, with the latter being the first team to delve into digital assets. The RCD press release mentioned that ‘this association represents a movement towards the future that, in addition, unites the football and cryptocurrency communities’. 

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