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XT.COM: The world’s first social exchange platform

Coin trading platforms have emerged with the advent of cryptocurrencies to enable users to buy, sell, and invest seamlessly. A ...
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WazirX: All about India’s biggest crypto exchange

One of the most important factors investors look for in crypto platforms is safety, and for Indian traders, WazirX is ...
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Should you start your crypto journey with Deepcoin exchange?

The cryptocurrency scene is on the rise and many people are trying their hands at trading various coins on different ...
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WOO Network exchange: Enjoy Deep liquidity and zero fees

When looking for crypto exchange platforms, one of the things that holders and traders look for is minimum trading fees ...
fmfw io banner image main Choosing the right exchange for crypto newbies

By the turn of the new decade, cryptocurrencies have garnered widespread recognition not only for enthusiasts but also for regular ...
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Secure your assets and more with BigONE exchange

Because of the oversaturated market of crypto exchange sites, investors are starting to have a hard time picking which one ...
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Experience a user-friendly crypto journey with Bitvavo

Even though cryptocurrencies are on their way to massive adoption, most people still see them as a complicated fintech fad ...
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A jam-packed guide about the Compound exchange

As the cryptocurrency sphere continues to grow, it now opens doors for various exchanges and new digital coins to be ...
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AAX: Discover this institutional-grade crypto exchange site

In today’s modern era where the demand for cryptocurrency is at its peak, investors are wanting more from their crypto ...
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Grow your crypto investments with EQONEX exchange

With countless cryptocurrency exchanges available out there, it can be challenging to find one that best suits your needs. Fortunately, ...
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Understanding CoinEx exchange and its features

CoinEx is a professional global exchange based in Hong Kong and is known as a reliable platform for both newcomers ...
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TokoCrypto exchange: Indonesia’s leading trading platform

One of the biggest reasons why Indonesia has gained a great amount of knowledge about cryptocurrency over the past few ...
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A quick look into Korbit exchange: Everything you need to know

As cryptocurrencies continue to gain traction in the mainstream market, some countries are starting to look at the idea of ...
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Maximise quality trading and instant transfers with Coincheck

Getting into various crypto communities means looking for a reliable exchange site, allowing you to securely trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin ...
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EXMO exchange: Europe’s answer to trading with crypto

Crypto traders nowadays continue to look for new platforms and opportunities to further their investments. One of the simplest and ...
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Cryptology exchange: Your gateway to crypto trading

Cryptology is a Singaporean exchange site that aims to provide an easy-to-access platform for traders. Accessibility is one of the ...
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Experience lightning-fast trading at Indodax

As cryptocurrencies continue to become a sought-after asset by millions of people, lots of crypto exchanges have been made to ...
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The ultimate crypto trader’s guide to Liquid exchange

With crypto continually rising in popularity, trading platforms have also followed suit with each of them having their own gimmicks ...
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Why is the world’s fastest-growing crypto platform

Nowadays, more and more crypto exchanges are emerging which is why the competition in its fast-paced industry is now fiercer ...
bybit banner image

Understanding Bybit exchange and how it works

With the number of crypto exchange sites available in the market today, it can be hard to choose because of ...
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CrossTower exchange: An efficient platform for all active traders

Today where cryptocurrency is seen as a lucrative asset and is gradually being accepted as a form of payment, more ...
bitrue exchange banner

Is Bitrue Exchange a good crypto trading platform?

Nowadays, cryptocurrency is no longer new since more and more people are beginning to embrace it as a means of ...
litecoin bitcoin bione exchange

BiONE Exchange: Your one-stop trading platform

Cryptocurrency has received a lot of attention due to its lucrative and volatile value. One of its key features that ...
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Is it worth trading crypto in Hotcoin Global exchange?

Crypto traders are continuously looking for more ways to improve their investments and find the best platform suited to their ...
bittrex exchange news

Maximise your trading options with Bittrex exchange

The digital sphere is teeming with many exchanges that allow you to make crypto transactions fast, seamless and easy. These ...

Coinone: The future of your finances is here!

Safety and security are two of the most important things to prioritize when you are looking to entrust your finances ...
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Introducing Poloniex: Your go-to crypto exchange site

Trading cryptocurrencies has become a common practice nowadays, especially with buying and selling them becoming easier and more accessible through ...

Experience the future of crypto trading with bitFlyer

With dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges made available worldwide, it only makes sense for users like you to search for the ...
bitstamp bannermain

A beginner’s guide to Bitstamp exchange

In 2011, just a few years after Bitcoin was released, two college dropouts from Slovenia, Nejc Kodric and Damijan Merlak ...

An in-depth understanding of BigONE

In today’s advanced landscape of cryptocurrency, crypto enthusiasts and traders alike are looking for crypto exchange platforms that can guarantee ...
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What you need to know about Bithumb exchange

Asia is one of the most active regions in terms of crypto adoption. Despite constant regulation battles with state authorities ...
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An in-depth look at BitMEX

Transactions via digital coins are becoming easier and more accessible thanks to crypto exchanges. These platforms paved the way for ...
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A beginner’s guide to FTX exchange

In 2019, FTX made noise in the crypto sphere when one of the biggest exchanges in the market, Binance, invested ...
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Everything you need to know about Upbit exchange

The demand for reliable crypto exchange continues to grow each day and it's becoming hard to choose which exchanges are ...
bitbank basics beginner en

Bitbank basics for beginners: A comprehensive guide

Crypto exchanges offer various unique features that allow them to stand out from others. From the deposit and transaction fees ...
consbit exchange banner

The ultimate guide to Coinsbit exchange

Based in Estonia, Coinsbit is an exchange site established in 2018 that provides a seamless and hassle-free trading experience for ...
bitfinex banner exchanges

The ultimate guide to Bitfinex exchange!

Interested in cryptocurrency trading? Start your investment right and settle on the safest bet with Bitfinex, one of the most ...
okex banner exchanges

Everything you need to know about OKex

In a world where cryptocurrency is on its way to mainstream payment systems, using a secured exchange is crucial because ...
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The ultimate guide to Max Maicoin exchange

When it comes to cryptocurrency growth and adoption rate, Asia is one of the top contenders in the race. To ...
explore basic whitebit banner

Explore the basics of WhiteBIT

With a wide range of crypto exchanges today, you have the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies easily. If you are in ...
huobi blobanner en

A complete guide to Huobi Global Exchange

With the cryptocurrency industry on the rise, more people nowadays are choosing to invest in crypto coins and manage their ...
binance US banner

A guide to Binance US

Known as one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, Binance launched its American branch called Binance US to ...
kraken news

Everything you need to know about Kraken Exchange

As the world slowly but surely accepts the presence of digital assets, the surge of people that have started using ...
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Begin your crypto journey with KuCoin exchange

Out of the hundreds of exchange sites available today, one of the most prominent options that stand out amongst the ...
bisq banner exchange

Everything you need to know about Bisq Exchange

With the fast-paced adoption of digital assets in the world, a lot of people are diving into the world of ...
binance abnner december

Getting started with Binance

As the crypto industry rises, more and more companies are jumping in to join the hype. Exchange platforms and broker ...
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Cash App: Number one in finance

Here comes Cash App, your all-in-one finance app that makes your money transferable and accessible with just a few taps ...

Everything you need to know about Coinbase

With over 13.3 million users, Coinbase is considered as one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the market. It’s ...

CryptoShimbun: All there is to know about crypto exchanges

One of the things you must have constant knowledge about in cryptocurrency is where most of the action happens: crypto exchanges. They allow the trade of crypto coins or tokens for other assets based on the market value.

Exchanges are market makers that take bid-ask spreads as a trade commission for their service or charge fees for every transaction. They are found online, but there are still brick-and-mortar exchanges that use traditional payment methods and digital currencies.

Users can trade between cryptocurrencies or fiat money and crypto. Exchanges act as the middleman between buyers and sellers who are called crypto traders.

Why are crypto exchanges important?

Exchanges simplify the handling of crypto and other digital assets. Due to the volume of day trading in these platforms, exchanges form large pools of supply and demand. Traders benefit from their volatile currency rates.

They also provide solutions for problems unique to digital assets. Cryptocurrency news almost always has stories of people sending huge funds to the wrong address or throwing out hard drives holding keys to their digital wealth by accident. Exchanges can help traders to bounce back from such losses.

How does a crypto exchange work?

Crypto exchanges work just like traditional stock exchanges that allow asset buying and selling to profit from their rates.

Exchanges set the rates based on the actions of its buyers and sellers. However, rates can also vary due to other factors such as cryptocurrency news, major political and economic events around the world, and technical issues.

There are also different kinds of options and functions for crypto exchanges. Most of them are made solely for crypto traders to buy and sell assets while some operate as quick crypto to fiat exchanges.

Exchanges can be centralized or decentralized. A centralized exchange manages wallets and transfers funds for its users in the background. On the other hand, decentralized platforms preserve their users’ direct control over their wallets for all of their transactions.

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CryptoShimbun is your trusted source for cryptocurrency news, trends, tips, analysis, and guides. Stay up to date with the hottest topics on the leading crypto exchanges in the country.


As the world’s biggest exchange, Coinbase is undeniably one of the best-known crypto brokers in the market. It offers quick and easy mobile access to trade BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, and other popular cryptocurrencies. Get the latest updates about Coinbase.

Cash app

Created by Square Inc, Cash App is a peer to peer payment service through the use of credit or debit cards. It is a simple and reputable app in the US for buying and selling Bitcoin directly from your account. Learn more about its overseas expansion.


One of the most proactive crypto exchanges, Binance allows traders to buy and sell a wide variety of digital assets at the lowest fees. It offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies and altcoins you can trade with more than 40 fiat currencies. Be the first to know its new features and innovations.


Bisq is one of the few decentralized exchanges that allows peer-to-peer trade. It does not require personal details to use its services but makes sure there are no ongoing frauds. Due to this, Bisq is a highly secured platform with a promising future in crypto and fiat-crypto trading. Find out more about what lies ahead of Bisq.


With more advanced features like futures and margin trading, Kraken is a great option for professional traders and investors. It offers an array of security features and low fees to trade without KYC or AML in many countries. Pick up the latest trends and tips on how to use Kraken.


Kucoin boasts a wide range of supported assets and services with high liquidity and low trading fees. It continues to expand its ecosystem with the launch of its Pool-X Liquidity Trading Market, KuCloud, and instant exchange service. Read up more about it here.


Gemini is a trusted and respected platform in the digital currency space. As the first licensed Ether exchange, it accepts different digital assets such as BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, BAT, and LINK, and even fiat currency. Get more news and updates on Gemini.

Binance US

Under the US regulatory compliance, Binance US has the same state-of-the-art tech and trading services as its parent company. It accepts more than 20 cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, BNB, and USDT at high liquidity and low fees. Learn more about its features and plans.


Okex is another large crypto exchange, but despite its size, it has never been hacked before. It is deemed as a safe and secure trading platform with a flexible system for great control over the users’ trading needs. Know more about its ecosystem and solutions.


Veteran crypto exchange Bitfinex offers many features and options like limit and stops orders, margin trading, and OTC trades. It is ideal for advanced traders of over 80 digital assets. Read more about its services and updates here.


A regulated exchange with the lowest fees, Bitflyer supports Bitcoin and top altcoins for basic trades and advanced Lightning exchange. It is the biggest crypto exchange in Japan where a Lightning FX platform is available. Be informed with its growth and innovations.


Self-funded platform Whitebit provides a range of services with a minimal trading fee to over 190 countries. It has the fastest processing rates, allowing over 1 million TCP connections for users with both private and public REST APIs. Stay updated with its competitive fee structure and more.

With no deposit fee and low fees, offers instant deposits and withdrawals of more than 100 digital assets such as USDT, CNYX, BTC, and ETH. It is secured via SSL link and technology that supports offline Bitcoin wallets. Learn more about its service offering.


Poloniex is another decentralized exchange with the lowest fees but without forced KYC measures. It also supports margin trading, margin borrowing, and the IEO launchpad. Find out the latest stories about its services.

Max Maicoin

An entry-level exchange, Max Maicoin allows crypto beginners to enter the crypto market with fiat currency and different trading views. It offers reliable API, mobile support, and low fees. Read more about its services, deposit methods, and security.

Huobi Global

A large exchange that caters to mostly Asian traders, Huobi Global provides wide support for many altcoins and stablecoins. It also offers its inventions such as the Huobi Token (HT) and HUSD, a USD-backed stablecoin. Get more information about it.


A leader in Bitcoin trading, Bithumb supports crypto trading paired with the South Korean Won. It boasts competitive fees, 24/7 multi-lingual support, and a user-friendly platform with different trading options. Find out more about its services and updates.


BigONE has a large number of supported cryptocurrencies for traders looking for something more exotic than BTC or ETH. It features an OTC-desk where you can buy digital assets from other users via Alipay or WeChat Pay. Learn more about its offerings.


Bitstamp provides a cheap way to trade Bitcoin, altcoins, and fiat currencies in large amounts. It also supports BTCUSD IOUs and crypto purchase via credit card. Read more about its services and features.


Coinsbit boasts interesting features such as its high-performance trading engine, great security, and wide range of available crypto coins and tokens. It also launched an OTC-desk to deposit and withdraw cash from its partners. Get to know more about it.


Bitmax supports trading in plenty of cryptocurrencies with over 190 trading pairs and 40 different margin trading pairs. It also allows users to borrow money from the exchange to buy crypto. Be updated with more Bitmax news here.


FTX is a crypto-to-crypto derivatives exchange backed by Alameda Research. It has notably low fees for futures and spot markets based on a tiered structure of users’ trading volume. Learn about its features and other updates.


Upbit supports over 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap. Backed by Kakao and closely working with Bittrex, it has competitive fees and high-level security. Find the latest cryptocurrency news about it.


Another veteran exchange, Bittrex has grown popular over the years for its security, speed, and stability. There are over 400 altcoins available for trading with BTC, ETH, USD, and USDT. Stay updated with features and news.


Bitbank boasts a range of tools and features for trading and investing. It offers unique market insights into Bitcoin and Litecoin trading. Take a further look at its security, services, and fees here.


A large hub for crypto trading, Coinone allows users to buy, sell, and store BTC, ETH and ETC with fiat currency. Get the latest trends on its growing ecosystem in the blockchain space and other related cryptocurrency news.

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