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Maximise your trading options with Bittrex exchange

The digital sphere is teeming with many exchanges that allow you to make crypto transactions fast, seamless and easy. These platforms offer something unique to users allowing maximum utilisation of trading assets as well as easy interface navigation. 

It’s not easy to choose the right crypto exchange that would suit your needs. You’ll have to take into account different factors and trading activities. However, among the thousands of platforms that you can use is Bittrex. Find out what this US-based crypto exchange can do for your trading activities as you browse through Cryptoshimbun!

Quick overview of Bittrex 

Operating since 2013, Bittrex is a respected crypto exchange based in Seattle. It’s one of the veteran platforms that offer crypto trading services for investors that are interested in digital assets. 

Since its launch, the company has continued to grow and innovate. By 2019, further expansions created Bittrex Global which is based in Liechtenstein. This allowed the exchange to operate crypto trade on a global scale through its shared platform liquidity. 

The exchange was founded by Bill Shihara, Richie Lai, Ryan Hentz and Rami Kawach who were former employees of major tech companies Microsoft, Amazon and Blackberry. Although they’re still part of the exchange, Bittrex is now under the management of the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Stephen Stonberg.

Bittrex is considered one of the topmost cryptocurrency platforms within and outside the US. It offers a safe and secure trading interface that allows you access to more than 730 traded crypto markets. 

Moreover, the exchange is often compared to Binance since it also offers over 400 digital assets that prove useful for investors interested in trading altcoins including Ether (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), Litecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

Superior features offered by Bittrex

Interface and trading view

When choosing an exchange for your crypto trade, it’s important to consider what the interface looks like. Bittrex has an easy-to-use interface with a straightforward design that explains features as you navigate through the platform. 

All the charting tools and indicators available on the trading platform are distinct and functional, giving you a fully optimised layout of charts, market trends and trading options you can choose from. 

The platform is also optimised to fully blend all of the automated trading features together. This gives you leeway on customising the account to your trading preferences and goals. 


An array of order types can be made using the trading platform of Bittrex exchange. This includes basic types like limit, market and ceiling orders wherein you can trade a specified asset at a certain amount of time. 

There are also conditional order types including:

  • Stop order – This allows you to set a directive that will either buy or sell market order if the last trade price is either above or below an indicated level.
  • Stop limit order – This permits you to set a directive of whether to buy or sell a market order depending on the last trade price when the order was placed. 
  • Ladder limit – This gives you the option to automatically transact several orders on your order book depending on the market price. The platform will trigger the buy feature when the price goes down while selling the order when the price goes up. 

You can also implement a few modifiers to change how your market order behaves. This includes:

  • One cancels the other (OCO) – This allows you to pair two existing market orders to ensure one will only be implemented. This feature will then automatically cancel the other order when either one of the requirements of the conditional orders is met and placed. 
  • Post Only – This can be applied to a limit order allowing you to set whether to place or cancel the order depending on whether it is a taker or maker order.

Payment methods

Bittrex exchange allows traders to withdraw and deposit money using US Dollars (US$) and Euro (€) through wire transfers. You can set up and connect your bank details to your account for a fast and seamless transfer. 

You can also use credit or debit cards for these transfers for a minimal fee of 3% per transaction. Additionally, you can also trade using stable coins like Tether (USDT) if your account isn’t eligible for US$ deposits and withdrawals.

Topping up your account with cryptocurrency is also possible. There’s no commission fee for crypto deposits. On the other hand, withdrawals have a minimal fee depending on the currency you’re transferring. 

Transaction fees

A flat rate of 25% is applied to all transactions regardless if it’s a taker or maker order. Although Bittrex doesn’t have a competitive rate, it’s still not the most expensive rate in the market. Moreover, the fees can also decrease the bigger your account’s trading volume is. 

Privacy and security

The exchange utilises a 2-factor authentication (2FA) system that’s proven and tested by many other trading platforms aside from Bittrex. It also has an elastic multistage wallet that keeps the funds safely both online and offline. 

Bittrex also abides by strict know-your-customer (KYC) standards to prevent any fraudulent transactions on its trading platform. It also complies with anti-money laundering regulations that are standard for US-based exchanges. 

Since its launch, Bittrex exchange has never experienced any significant attacks from malicious hackers. This is a testament to how it ensures the safety of users with state of the art cryptography that protects billions worth of assets trading on the platform. 

Customer support

Various technical support options are available for you when you create an account with Bittrex. You can reach the platform’s customer support through its web-based live chat feature available on weekdays between 6 am to 4 pm PST. 

A dedicated ZenDesk help feature is also available on the website where you can submit a ticket or complaint. Bittrex can also be contacted through its official social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, LinkedIn and Medium for a faster response from the support team. 

Mobile app

You can download the Bittrex mobile app through the Apple app store or Google play store. This allows you quick and easy access to your account using your smartphone or tablet that supports iOS or Android systems. It also permits you to trade digital assets whenever you want as long as you have a steady internet connection.

Bittrex: Crypto trading made easier

Competitive crypto trading platforms offer unique features and inexpensive commission rates to get your attention. However, not all of these platforms can offer a straightforward interface that you can easily navigate the way Bittrex does. 

Its platform’s optimised design and functionality compensates for the flat rate fee imposed on all crypto transactions. Bittrex is the perfect choice for beginner traders who are still figuring out the crypto sphere. Moreover, it has a recognised reputation for keeping user accounts safe from malware accounts. 

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