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Grow your crypto investments with EQONEX exchange

With countless cryptocurrency exchanges available out there, it can be challenging to find one that best suits your needs. Fortunately, you can speed up the process with this EQONEX exchange guide.

EQONEX exchange helps you grow your high-quality investments with its features. To get a better understanding of this exchange and the services it offers, keep reading this guide. 

What is EQONEX

EQONEX is a cryptocurrency exchange that lets you do ‘Spot’ and ‘Crypto derivatives’ trading. Developed on May 26, 2020, by Miles Pelham, EQONEX was made to create a conducive trading environment for crypto traders and investors by regulating the exchange’s systems and client activities. 

Additionally, EQONEX exchange offers a diverse catalogue of cryptocurrencies with 10 pairs available for trading such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) and their crypto token, EQO. So whenever you need to invest in new cryptocurrencies, you can find them here at the EQONEX exchange. 

What are its services? 

Should you become a crypto investor in the EQONEX crypto exchange, you’re given access to the following incredible services: 

Fair trading information

One of the best benefits of EQONEX is fair treatment across all its clients. They ensure that all exchange users, whether institutional or personal, receive the same trading information so they can all make the best trading decisions that fit their goals. 

To do this, EQONEX only relies on their third-party partners for on-demand liquidation and don’t use internal market makers who can affect the price of some assets. This allows investors to receive fair transaction prices since there is no internal manipulation from the exchange.

Fast liquidity rates

When investing through the EQONEX exchange, not only do you get to buy some of your favourite cryptocurrencies, but you’ll also receive incredible liquidation rates for them with the exchange’s designated order book. In this book, any liquidation requests for your cryptocurrency is easily handled, allowing quick access to them.

Plus, EQONEX lets its users keep the difference between prices if ever positive slippage occurs midway through the transaction. Meaning, if the price of your assets increases before the recipient receives it, the difference is kept in your account as a margin so you can invest it on other trades.

Extensive account management 

EQONEX welcomes all kinds of investors, from individuals and retail to big-time institutional accounts. To cater to their varying needs, the exchange offers specific resource service management that takes into account clients’ specific needs.

For instance, individual accounts can make more than one type of transaction. They can speculate on the future value of their chosen currencies and increase their chances of obtaining better returns on all their investments without creating two separate accounts.

Meanwhile, retail traders can have subaccounts where they can allocate separate funds as margin and trade positions independently of their main account. This gives them flexibility in making different types of transactions without affecting major positions.

Lastly, institutional clients can have multiple accounts under a single name, giving them flexibility and hassle-free trading experiences. This allows managers to monitor multiple accounts and portfolios within a single entity. 

Trading services

Spot trading

Another feature to appreciate in this crypto exchange is it allows you to conduct spot trading transactions. Through this, investors can buy or sell assets on the current values or ‘spot prices’, and have their orders immediately executed. This trading process aims to purchase cryptocurrencies on the spot at EQONEX.

Crypto derivatives trading

To profit more through the EQONEX exchange, take part in its crypto derivatives trading. In this process, two parties will be authoring and signing a financial contract. Stipulated in this contract sheet is the purchasing of tokens for a certain price at a future date, regardless of the actual market price of the token. Much like spot trading, choosing to invest in a crypto derivative is based on a prediction that a certain asset will soon grow in value. 

Should you purchase a token and it did rise in value on the contract-stipulated date, your investment’s value increases.


Additionally, with the exchange’s cross-collateralization service, you can use any kind of cryptocurrency as collateral regardless of which coin you’re investing in. This means assets like stablecoins and other crypto-assets become usable in more leverage trades as margins. 

EQONEX benefits

Now that you’re aware of what services EQONEX exchange can offer you, prepare for the benefits you can get from using these services below:

Strong customer support

As mentioned above, EQONEX values their customer support. After all, it’s investors like you who allow organisations to continue doing their services.

If ever you require assistance, you can reach them through multiple communication channels in various applications online such as email, Twitter and Telegram. All you need to do is send them a message anytime and you can expect a reply as soon as possible. These options make it easy to reach out to their customer support and solve any kind of problem you’re facing. 

Community forum

To gain expert advice, there’s an EQONEX community page within the exchange you can view. Here, you will see some of the best cryptocurrency aficionados and their opinions on current trends, helping you make more accurate and informed decisions as you read through the latest crypto news opinions.

Learning platform

The next service you need to know is the helpful learning platform EQONEX exchange offers. From here, countless learning materials are free to access to help you make smart decisions about buying and trading to help you make handsome profits. So before making any crypto investments, frequently visit EQONEX exchange’s learning platform and learn as much as you can.

Accessible exchange interface

Finally, one of the best features of EQONEX is its accessible exchange interface. Regardless of whether you’re an individual or an institution representative, EQONEX’s interface makes crypto transactions easy! So whenever you see a brand-new trade fluctuation in a certain cryptocurrency, you can immediately buy or sell them and enjoy the benefits of doing so.

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