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By the turn of the new decade, cryptocurrencies have garnered widespread recognition not only for enthusiasts but also for regular people who are curious to know more. Although for you to start owning and earning digital currencies, you need to be registered in an exchange first. 

There are plenty of exchanges to choose from in the digital sphere. However, one that stands out among users is exchange. 

What is and why is it a good exchange to use for your crypto trading needs? Get to know everything and more about this platform as you browse through Cryptoshimbun! 

Everything you need to know about exchange was originally called exchange that was founded in 2018 and launched summer of 2019. On September 29, 2021, it rebranded as a part of a comprehensive strategy to improve customer service to its current and future users. 

FMFW stands for ‘Free the Money, Free the World.’ Currently, the exchange is handling custody of more than US$227 million worth of digital assets from their users who use the platform for trading needs. 

Additionally, the rebranding was also part of the 2nd-anniversary celebration of the exchange in which they wanted to highlight the major milestones that the platform has achieved while improving on what they already have. 

Supported coins 

At the moment, the exchange supports more than 200 digital assets that can be bought and sold through the exchange. These include top-performing tokens such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Cardano (ADA) and Ripple XRP alongside other altcoins like Zcash, Stellar, Moreno and Litecoin. 

Deposits and withdrawals

The exchange is an entry-level exchange which means that it can support fiat currency deposits. Additionally, it also allows beginners to buy or sell their crypto by using debit or credit cards. 

Aside from that, the platform also supports deposits using cryptocurrencies. This means that you can connect your wallet to the platform so you can trade your digital assets using its services. 

On the other hand, withdrawal rates are dependent on the network charges since does not have its own fees. Moreover, the platform also has withdrawal caps of around US$100 monthly for individual accounts while pro accounts have a daily 100 BTC limit. 

Key services and features of exchange exchange isn’t as popular as other exchanges that dominate the market but it does not mean that it’s not a competitive platform. It also offers an array of services that would fit into your crypto trading needs. 

Here are the platform’s key services and features that you should keep in mind:

Spot exchange

You can easily exchange one currency for another through the platform. Since has an option for users to see a token’s current price on the market at the moment, you’ll have the right information on how much you have to trade it for another coin. 

Another feature that’s important to note is that the spot exchange also allows you to implement a Stop-Loss order method. This means that you get to place a limit on your trade’s downside exposure. 

Buy and sell 

With more than 200 digital assets to choose from, it’s a seamless experience to trade your digital assets by buying or selling these coins using the platform. Moreover, you can rest easy knowing that the assets you trade are kept secured by top-notch cryptography implemented by the exchange. 

Futures trading supports futures trading on the exchange. This means that you can buy an underlying cryptocurrency without funding all of the capital because you can borrow the funds from the liquidity pool. Moreover, you get a 100x leverage on your positions. 

Margin trading

You can also opt for margin trading through the services of the exchange. This gives you the option to borrow assets from the liquidity pool so that you can trade cryptocurrencies. To do this, you have to open long or short positions and the exchange provides you with up to 10x leverage. 

Trading competition

Forex traders can also join trading competitions on the platform. These are contests wherein competitors implement risk reduction strategies in their positions. It’s a competitive tournamentwhere trader gains recognition and bragging rights alongside real-money prizes in crypto through the trades that they have implemented. 

Market overview

You can easily view how the market is performing in real-time through the market overview of the platform. The charts can be understood even by beginner traders. This can help you plan your trades accordingly.

Moreover, the platform is user-friendly with easy-to-navigate functions. The data for the futures, margin trading and other services are accessible through the menu of the website, giving you immediate access to them when needed. 

Initial exchange offering

To lessen the risks of the initial coin offerings project, many exchanges, including, offered an Initial Exchange Offering or IEO feature on the website. This is a fundraising event that is administered by the exchange rather than the team behind the coin. 

The platform has had three successful IEOs over the past. These include the Ideaology token (IDEA), BTC Atari token (ATRI) and USDT Atari token (ATRI).

Help centre

Have trouble navigating the platform? That’s not a problem with’s support team that provides 24/7 aid for your queries and concerns. You can click on the chatbox on the support page that answers your questions in just a few minutes. 

Moreover, it also has articles on frequently asked questions by users that you can search for through the search bar. 

Tokenverse podcast

Through different platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Podcasts and Deezer, you can listen to podcasts from Tokenverse by This is a podcast channel supported by the platform wherein different crypto industry titans are invited to talk about their insights on trading and other crypto-related topics. exchange: The right platform for beginners!

This crypto exchange is the perfect platform if you’re still beginning your journey in the crypto sphere. From its user-friendly interface to the Tokenverse podcast, you’ll learn everything that you need to know just by navigating the platform. 

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