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Experience lightning-fast trading at Indodax

As cryptocurrencies continue to become a sought-after asset by millions of people, lots of crypto exchanges have been made to support the demand. However, most exchanges today feature expensive fees and complex interfaces, making it difficult for users to maximise them. This issue is what Indodax aims to solve.

Are you curious to know how this innovative exchange is making noise in the crypto sphere? Here’s everything you need to know: 

What is Indodax?

Created in 2013 by Oscar Darmawan and William Sutanto, with the name of ‘Bitcoin Indonesia’, Indodax Indonesia is an exchange that deals in Bitcoin and  other cryptocurrencies. 8 years after its initial release, Indodax has now become the country’s biggest crypto asset marketplace with over 4.6 million users and trades 160 crypto assets to date. 

With a membership rate consisting of both Indonesians and other nationalities, Indodax is gaining popularity because of its highly secure and quick crypto investment processes. 

Indodax services you should know

As mentioned above, Indodax is growing in popularity thanks to its features. Below are the features you can utilise on the exchange:

Buy and Sell crypto assets 

With 160 crypto tokens available, Indodax offers the buying and selling of these incredibly sought-after assets in one working day without experiencing any delays. You can find major tokens such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple and more.

24-hour service

One of the most remarkable features of Indodax is its 24-hour service. Users who will encounter issues can easily address their concerns with the customer support team through their 24/7 chat. 


Indodax features a blog section where users can access a trove of information regarding cryptocurrencies and trading. Beginners in crypto can utilise this section to gain information that can help them maximise their cryptos. 

Mobile optimized

For those that prefer using their smartphones, Indodax is perfectly optimized for use in a smartphone—allowing investors to make transactions any time and anywhere. 

Also, depending on the user’s needs, Indodax offers more targeted trading options through the following applications:

Indodax App – For members that have a trading preference, this is the ideal application for them to use because they can easily access the services and features on their mobile devices. 

Dompet Bitcoin Indonesia – This application allows for quick and easy access to Indonesian Rupiah so they can withdraw/deposit and create/redeem rvouchers without hassle.

Benefits of using Indodax

Now that investors have been made aware of what Indodax can offer, below are some attention-grabbing benefits they can enjoy when investing crypto tokens in Indodax.

Below industry average fees

Whether the transaction is a trading or withdrawal process, investors can enjoy some affordable fees that are even lower than the crypto exchange standard.

Trading fees 

When trading at Indodax, there is a 0.00% charge for crypto trading—making this an incredible deal for any investor and trader. 

If you’re planning to trade crypto and fiat currencies in Indodex, they’ll have a 0.30% cost for takers but are completely free for makers.

Withdrawal fees 

For every time an investor withdraws their BTC tokens at Indodex, they’ll get a withdrawal fee of 0.0005 bitcoin. 

This value is even below the average cost of many crypto exchanges’ withdrawal fees—making this one of the most competitive fees any investor can pay for.

Intuitive user interface

Thanks to its user-friendly platform, users can easily facilitate crypto transactions at Indodax. With a trading view complete with a Buy and Sell Live Chart interface, investors can read the volatility of certain interfaces at specific time periods to make informative trading decisions.

Affiliate program

For new or long-time members, Indodax encourages users to refer their friends and family to use the exchange’s services. If their referrals start investing in crypto on the exchange, they will get a 25% commission from the 3-month trading fees of their referrals. 


Each member of Indodax is given the ability to have a multi-layered security system for their account. There are three security measures available for use: Two-Factor Authentication, email and SMS verification. Thanks to these three systems, users can have stronger security level for their investments. 


What makes Indodax an ideal exchange is that it can process transactions within a day. 

Multi-awarded crypto exchange

One of the best features of Indodax is that it’s won several awards for being a safe and trustworthy exchange. In its native Indonesia, Indodax received registration from the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (BAPPEBTI)—an organization regulating trading. 

Internationally, Indodax received three International Organization for Standardization (ISO rewards for various accomplishments. 

These achievements are:

  • 2019 – ISO 9001:2015 for having quality management systems and ISO 27001:2013 for excellent information security management systems. 
  • 2021 – Indodax received the ISO 27017:2015 for highly efficient cloud security systems. 

A large number of tokens to offer

As Indonesia’s largest crypto exchange, Indodax has 160 crypto tokens available for buying or trading. This large collection of currencies allows investors to diversify their portfolios and enjoy the benefits of many crypto currencies. 

Below are just some of the high-valued cryptocurrencies investors can buy and trade at Indosax:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Dogecoin.

Sign up at Indodax now!

If you want to invest in 160 cryptocurrencies through a highly secure and instantaneous transaction process, Indodax is the crypto exchange for you. 

Just follow the simple process below and start your investments today:

  1. Choose a unique username that’s easy to remember.
  2. Input your email address.
  3. Input your cell phone number.
  4. Choose a unique password that has at least one number and symbol.
  5. Solve a verification puzzle that will authenticate your account. 
  6. Verify your account via an email sent to you.
  7. Once you’re registered and you want to start making transactions, you’ll have to upload the necessary documents and account information. 

Start trading now at Indodax and make them most of your investments when you sign up now! 

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