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WazirX: All about India’s biggest crypto exchange

One of the most important factors investors look for in crypto platforms is safety, and for Indian traders, WazirX is the one to trust because of its robust security features. But this is just one of its many remarkable aspects. Keep on reading to learn more about WazirX exchange.

What is WazirX exchange?

WazirX started back in 2018 and since then, it grew to become the most trusted crypto trading platform in India. This is because of the site’s varied offerings including fast transactions, a robust selection of security measures and advanced trading tools that differentiate it from other platforms available in the country. 

It’s part of the Binance group which is the largest crypto exchange in the world and today, it serves users from over 100 countries. 

In total, the exchange site supports over 120 types of crypto tokens and 250+ trading pairs including the most popular ones such as:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Litecoin (LTC).

Useful features of WazirX

Now that you’ve gotten a better grasp of what WazirX is as a trading platform, it’s time for you to learn the basic yet useful features it offers.

Referral Commission

WazirX offers traders plenty of opportunities to earn more and one of these is the referral commission. With this unique feature, every successful referral you make will let you earn a 50% commission on every trade they make regardless of the trading volume.

So the more transactions your referral makes with other users on the platform, the more commission you’ll earn. On top of that, the earnings you’ll receive will be unlimited and all payouts will be given to you within 24 hours.

Accessible on different platforms

If you like accessing your crypto trading anywhere and anytime, you’ll be pleased to know that WazirX is available on different platforms. Whether you own a desktop, laptop, mobile phone or anything in between, the multi-platform access that the platform features can provide you with all your crypto trading needs.

Additionally, the platform’s mobile variation is not a watered-down version of the desktop app as it functions seamlessly across multiple devices. WazirX is available on both Android and Apple smart devices and as for PCs, it’s accessible on both Mac and Windows.

Fast transactions

Thanks to the extremely scalable and highly efficient blockchain infrastructure of WazirX, users of the platform can enjoy fast transactions. The Binance Smart Chain that the exchange site runs on can process millions of transactions within approximately 3 seconds, a rate faster than most blockchains today.

State-of-the-art trading tools

WazirX also revolutionises the fiat to crypto trading experience for all traders by being the first exchange to feature a unique peer-to-peer auto-matching engine. With this useful feature, buyers, sellers and traders on the exchange site will be matched with each other automatically and instantly.

How this works is that WazirX will serve as an escrow to safely keep and protect the transactions between two parties. First, the buyer must place an order on the site where they will be automatically matched with a seller instantly. Then, the buyer will directly pay the seller which will then be confirmed by the latter and WazirX will release the escrowed fiat.

Advanced security measures

As was mentioned earlier, WazirX is considered the most reliable crypto exchange platform in India, mainly because of its advanced security measures. For starters, 95% of the site’s funds are all stored within cold wallets which means they’re kept offline and away from any form of cyberattacks.

Additionally, WazirX also makes use of a two-step verification feature which further enhances the security measures of each account registered on the site. With this form of verification, you’ll be required to go through two methods of authentication consecutively.

Lastly, WazirX also uses a multi-signature wallet system. All of these security measures are used to make sure that only you will be able to access your wallets and your funds.

Helpful customer support

Aside from providing a designated contact number for inquiries, WazirX’s customer support also offers a traditional ticketing system. On top of that, the site is also available to contact via various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and more.

And according to a post on their website last July 2021, they’ve increased their workforce in the customer service department to answer inquiries much faster. Before, they were able to reply to a customer after 6 long days but after the increased support team, they can now answer in just around 14 hours.

Furthermore, they have a dedicated FAQ page where you can find common questions answered by the talented team behind WazirX themselves.

Opening an account with WazirX

To help you start trading through this reliable exchange platform, here’s a detailed guide on how to sign up on their website:

  • The first step is to press the sign up button found on the top right corner of the homepage of their website.
  • From there, you’ll be asked to input your email address and a strong password. Afterwards, tick the box that states you agree with the platform’s terms and conditions and proceed.
  • The site will then send email verification to your provided address. Click on the verification link sent to your inbox to verify your account. You’ll then be asked to choose which type of account security you want: Google Authenticator App or Mobile SMS service.
  • The final step in setting up your account is choosing your country. You can then decide whether or not to set up KYC and after that, you’re free to use WazirX to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.

Use WazirX exchange today!

Now that you’ve gotten a better understanding of why WazirX exchange is dubbed as India’s most reliable crypto exchange, it’s time for you to try buying, selling and trading on the site. Filled with useful features that are beneficial to each user’s experience such as state-of-the-art security and advanced trading tools, WazirX will prove to be a reliable exchange for you.

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