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Explore the basics of WhiteBIT

With a wide range of crypto exchanges today, you have the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies easily. If you are in the market to find the best crypto exchange for you, WhiteBIT boasts features that can benefit you during your trading activities. Learn more about it here!

A brief background of WhiteBIT

Established in 2018, WhiteBIT is a cryptocurrency exchange site founded by Vladimir Nosov in Tallinn, Estonia. It is one of the top exchanges in Europe with a European Exchange and Custody licenses from the Estonian authorities.

On April 23, 2019, WhiteBIT achieved a milestone when it reached US$500,000 in daily traded volume. It was also featured in the Forbes magazine in September of the same year as one of the 10 promising companies to watch for.

The exchange has over 300,000 users and operates in more than 190 countries across Europe, South America, and Asia.

What to expect in WhiteBIT

WhiteBIT boasts features that separate it from other exchanges. One of its notable features is its 0.10% trading fee for every transaction users make. Here are the other features of WhiteBIT:

High security

WhiteBIT stores 96% of its fund in cold wallets, ensuring a safe way to store assets because it has a firewall technology that detects and blocks hackers. The exchange also features two-factor authentication and anti-phishing code.

With a two-factor authenticator, users are required to download an app on their mobile device that generates codes whenever they want to log into their account. Meanwhile, users need to verify their anti-phishing code upon logging in to prevent fake WhiteBIT websites from phishing attempts.

The exchange also features KYC verification which is required for all users of the site. If you ever forgot your password or lose access to your two-factor authentication app, this verification method will help you gain access to your account.

In this case, you have to pass the verification by providing personal information such as your name, date of birth, and address.

WhiteBIT code

WhiteBIT code is a peer-to-peer code that contains the amount of the currency you can use to transact with other users who also have a WhiteBIT code.

With this code, users can transact directly with other users without having to go through confirmations to complete the transactions. Moreover, you can easily deactivate the code if you no longer want to send funds during a transaction.

Customizable interface

One of the best features of the site is its user-friendly interface where users can personalize their account. They can change the theme of the site from light to dark or vice versa. In addition, the chart indicators can also be customized to suit the users’ preferences.

Simplistic exchange aspect

WhiteBIT makes it easier for its users to navigate the site by providing two pages for trading: the main exchange and the live trading page. The main page is where you go if you want the simplest way to trade, while the live trading page is where real-time order books are displayed.

Trading fee

WhiteBIT offers its users a trading fee of 0.10%. Users will be able to view how much they are paying for the available currencies’ deposit fees, withdrawal fees, minimum deposit and withdrawal.

High performance

WhiteBIT boasts high transaction speed. It can process 10,000 orders per second, as well as 1,000,000 Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connections.

Interest-bearing accounts

Through Smart Staking, all WhiteBIT users can earn interest in certain cryptocurrencies.

24/7 customer service

WhiteBIT aims to resolve any issue that its users face within 24 hours. Users can easily report any problem because the site supports different languages such as Russian, English, Chinese, and more.


Despite being new to the industry, WhiteBIT is already a trusted crypto exchange. Moreover, the exchange is recognized and listed on leading crypto data aggregators such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

WhiteBIT exchange fees

Compared to other crypto exchanges that usually have a 0.25% trading fee, WhiteBIT has a competitive fee of only 0.10%. The exchange also doesn’t charge fees between takers and makers.

Withdrawal fees

WhiteBIT also has one of the lowest withdrawal rates compared to the industry average. For instance, you will only be charged with 0.0004 BTC when you’re withdrawing BTC. On the other hand, you can be charged in other exchanges with 0.000812.

Deposit methods

With the WhiteBIT exchange, there are over 150 trading pairs that include crypto and fiat currencies. Both deposit and withdrawal methods can also be done through the use of Visa, MasterCard, Geo-Pay, and more.

How to sign up on WhiteBIT

Create an account in WhiteBIT to have access to the features and other sections of the exchange. Here’s how you can register on the site:

  • Click on ‘Registration’ located at the top menu. Enter your email address and a strong password that contains letters, numbers, characters, and uppercase & lowercase letters.
  • Repeat the password at the bottom of the first one.
  • Tick the terms and conditions and privacy policy box.
  • Drag the button provided at the bottom to complete the registration.

Begin trading at WhiteBit exchange

Trading is fast and easy in WhiteBIT. You can easily find the trading page since it is just located at the top menu of the site.

Once you’re on the page, follow the instructions below for successful trading:

  • Click on the ‘Balance’ option in the menu bar. You will be transferred to a page where a list of available cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies can be seen.
  • Select the currency you want to deposit and click on it.
  • Verify the KYC to proceed.
  • Once you are verified, you will be given a deposit address for your chosen cryptocurrency.
  • Copy the address given and choose the type of wallet you want to use.
  • Send the amount to the copied address.
  • The transaction will only take half an hour to be completed.

Discover more of WhiteBIT today!

Find out more of what WhiteBIT can offer once you begin trading. With its impressive features, you can experience fast and secure transactions with various countries at any time of day. Create an account today and choose the cryptocurrency you want to trade when you visit WhiteBIT!

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