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Flappy Bird-inspired NFT game backed by DeFi industry giants

The biggest names in the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) crypto scene took interest in a forthcoming non-fungible token (NFT) based game that is said to emulate the mechanics of the 2013 mobile app phenomenon, Flappy Bird. 

According to a report by Cointelegraph, Fancy Birds is set to launch by November. The game’s popularity and demand gained momentum after Kieran Warwick, founder of crypto RPG game Illuvium tweeted, ‘P2E [play-to-earn] Flappy Bird? Where you at?’

Fancy Birds’ official Twitter page responded to Warwick’s query with its plans of launching soon and an 8-bit illustration of probable NFT characters of the game. 

Soon after, Warwick helped in the pre-seeding of the game as the advisor and organiser. His brother, Kain Warwick was also an initial investor who took part in the pre-seeding. 

Representatives from top DeFi service providers including Aave’s Stani Kulechov, BarnBridge’s Tyler Ward, SushiSwap’s 0xmaki, as well as Ex-ParaFi Capital partner turned RoCa Capital founder Santiago Santos joined the pre-seed round of Fancy Birds. 

With both the Warwicks on board, Illuvium became an official partner of the NFT project. The game developers were advised by the brothers to set up community governance based on the models of Illuvium and Synthetix.

‘The team has been really receptive, they’re going fully decentralized with a DAO first, and a governance council, with 100% of profits (collected platform fees) going back to stakers,’ said Kieran Warwick. ‘We reworked the tokenomics so it makes a lot more sense so I think they are poised to be really big players.’ 

Moreover, the Illuvium team will be part of Fancy Birds’ first trailer in which the game mechanics will be explained. Warwick’s team is also reaching out to other DeFi platforms including Framework Ventures, Delphi Digital and a16z for the next round of financial seeding. 

‘We’ve obviously built up a ton of hype, we have nearly 200,000 people in Discord now and things are going really well. But the one thing that we haven’t shown is our gameplay trailer,’ Warwick said. ‘There’s going to be a lot of people that are waiting on the sideline, and it should help us to get them over the line to say, This is real. This is actually happening. It is a triple A game.

Fancy Birds is a P2E blockchain single-player mobile game that was inspired by Flappy Bird launched 8 years ago. It will feature 8,888 characters that are randomly generated and minted as NFTs with unique custom features. These characters can be used by players to go through levels and earn the spot on the game’s hall of fame, ‘the fanciest bird in the nest’.

Players are set to earn 40% of the Fancy (FNC) token supply when successfully accomplishing the game. It’s also expected that Fancy Birds would also launch a multiplayer mode with breeding and tournaments that users can join. 

The game is aimed at tapping the large P2E community. According to Warwick, it would follow the market that Axie Infinity, an NFT game on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Fancy Birds will be available on mobile to reach a large number of players on its launch. Meanwhile, talks about launching Fancy Birds on the Ethereum NFT scaling layer 2 project called immutable X is still in the works. 

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