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GCash considers adding cryptocurrency to its services

GCash is looking into adding cryptocurrencies to their current list of financial services in the Philippines. This means supporting major digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more so users can buy and sell on the platform with ease.

In an article by local newspaper Philippine Star, GCash CEO Martha Sazon talked about their plans moving forward. The company is currently eyeing cryptocurrency due to its mainstream influence, as well as the surge of interested investors.

‘While we may be considered a disruptor now, it is important in this digital age that we should be mindful of all types of disruptions out there. It’s important to know what trends are, whether locally and globally and crypto is a part of that,’ Sazon shared.

The GCash platform also offers other means of investment in the form of insurance and various investment funds. Currently, there are 1.4 million accounts registered to GInvest, their digital investment platform. Users only need to log in to their GCash account and they can access all of these in a single platform.

With the wide roster of investment services available, cryptocurrency services would be an excellent addition to the GCash platform. The company expects that more people will be driven towards investing in crypto for the first time as a result.

Sazon also shared that GCash will ‘continue to innovate and provide relevant and accessible financial services for all.’ As of now, there are no further developments on the scope of GCash’s potential crypto offerings in their platform.

GCash is currently catering to 40% of the Philippine population and handles 40 million users and offers more than 73,000 partner merchants. It is also considered a household name in the world of financial services in the Philippines. More customers are looking for other means of investment in the middle of a pandemic and Sazon believes GCash can make this possible for almost half of the country’s population.

Some of their services include sending money to other people with ease, paying bills, buying prepaid loads, completing bank transfers, and online shopping.

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