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SafeMoon announces Simplex partnership during AMA session

SafeMoon CEO John Karony announced in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on May 9 that they’re partnering with Simplex, a financial institution that provides fiat-crypto financial services, to seamlessly allow the purchasing of digital assets using debit and credit cards.

In the same AMA live stream, Karony stated that the SafeMoon wallet is a useful feature for investors and partnering with Simplex makes the DeFi wallet even more useful to them.

‘We’re happy to be partnering with Simplex – another company that understands the importance of operating on the principle of opening financial markets and strategies to everyone,’ said Karony.

He added that the company wanted to team up with Simplex to make financial markets accessible to everyone.

‘Doing things differently is both our starting point and part of our end goal. One of our founding principles is transparency, so we’re extremely public with a great deal of our activity. It’s one of the reasons why we routinely hold ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Twitch,’ he said.

Additionally, Karony added that they want more interaction from their investors and are encouraging them to inquire more about how SafeMoon works.

‘We want our investors to see and interact with us, to learn more about what we’re doing, and to become as deeply involved with their investment as they choose to be.

That’s just an entirely different approach to crypto and investing in general. And it’s an approach we know works. Our growing army of investors is highly dedicated to our mission because they know we’re just as dedicated to providing service and value to them’.

Launched in March 2021, SafeMoon is a DeFi platform and token designed for users who want to HODL. It incentivizes users who keep their assets in the wallet for a long time and offers a liquidity guarantee.

‘So when you hold your Bitcoins with us and someone transfers Bitcoin on our platform, you’re going to be reflected from that user, some of that Bitcoin,’ said the SafeMoon CTO Thomas Smith during the same AMA session.

The SafeMoon team said that the asset is still in its ‘architecture’ phase and will still undergo a lot of changes. Currently, the coin has been listed in a crypto exchange called Bitmart.

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