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Technisys works with OKCoin to expand crypto bank services

Digital banking technology company Technisys announced on its website on Thursday, November 4, that it will be working with cryptocurrency exchange Okcoin to help traditional banks expand cryptocurrency services to its clients. The move will enable financial institutions to improve customer experience and generate revenue. 

CEO of Technisys Mike Santos commented on this new decision. According to his statement, the company aims to offer more flexible services as the demand for digital assets grows.

‘As consumer behavior shifts and bitcoin adoption increases, Technisys is committed to helping our digital and core banking clients to adapt and flex as market demands dictate’, followed by, ‘Enabling these capabilities for all financial institutions brings opportunity and growth in new ways – via a next-gen digital banking platform – that were simply not possible before’.  

According to Technisys, numerous traditional banks are facing the challenge of providing new solutions to keep up with the continuous rise of cryptocurrency adoption by mainstream consumers. The partnership with Okcoin will allow them to provide crypto services while maintaining a seamless customer experience for clients.

‘Okcoin is committed to making crypto investing easily accessible to everyone around the world, as well as partnering with top fintech companies to provide a seamless user experience’ said Okcoin CEO, Hong Fang. He added, ‘We’re pleased to be working with Technisys to broaden the next generation of tools Okcoin customers can use to engage with the crypto market, and we look forward to driving greater adoption through this partnership’.

Technisys is a provider of next-gen digital banking solutions to aid traditional banks transition to digital banking. It’s available in 16 countries such as the United States and Canada and offers seamless financial products to financial institutions. With the partnership with Okcoin, Technisys can combine a new set of crypto providers into their digital choices and enable banks to meet client needs while keeping them safe and secure. 

Meanwhile, Okcoin is a crypto exchange site available in 190 countries around the world and supports millions of crypto users. Technisys and Okcoin’s partnership has inspired Miami city’s Mayor Francis Suarez to transform Miami into the new innovation hub as this is where Technisys is headquartered. 

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