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WOZX coin hits a whopping 1,300% on initial launch

Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak released his own crypto technology called the Efforce, a system that will increase the abilities of the blockchain in creating a more sustainable ecosystem and investment prospects through its native coin called WOZX. A few days after its launch, the coin hit a whopping 1300% in market capitalization, which is an astounding feat for a recently released coin in the market.

Wozniak’s brainchild is catching up in the crypto race at a fast rate. A few days after its launch, the coin’s market capitalization skyrocketed to over $1 billion dollars. It went over its listing price by 10x. According to Wozniak, his invention will make the blockchain more robust and efficient without sacrificing sustainability.

Energy consumption and CO2 emissions worldwide have grown exponentially, leading to climate change and extreme consequences to our environment. We can improve our energy footprint and lower our energy consumption without changing our habits. We can save the environment simply by making more energy improvements’, said Wozniak.

He said that Efforce will become the first-ever decentralized crypto platform that will enable people who want to participate in creating projects that will champion sustainability while generating substantial revenue.

We created Efforce to be the first decentralized platform that allows everyone to participate and benefit financially from worldwide energy efficiency projects, and create meaningful environmental change’.

‘In these difficult times, many small companies are struggling. They can’t afford to switch to LED lighting, streamline production processes, or even insulate to conserve heat, all of which could save them money in the long term’, Wozniak continued.

Aside from benefiting the environment, it will also allow businesses to register their projects on the internet and find a reliable source of funding from different investors across the globe

Efforce allows business owners to safely register their energy upgrade projects on the web and secure funding from all types of investors around the world. The companies will then have more available cash to use for other critical projects such as infrastructure or hiring’.

How the Efforce works

Wozniak’s program will analyse the investment in question by calculating metrics such as expected return and forming an EPC or Energy Performance Contract that will project the savings and how much returns the investors will receive from funding the project.

Once analysed, the platform will list on the network to look for possible investors to fund the project. When there are possible investors, they can become stakeholders by utilising the WOZX coin.

Currently, the WOZX token’s price is at $1.50. But because it’s still new in the market, only a limited number of exchanges have it in their portfolio. People who are interested in the coin cannot directly purchase it; they need to purchase Tether coins instead, which is WOZX’s pair token. Once buyers obtain USDT coins, they can get their WOZX coins. Additionally, it’s also possible to buy the tokens on the HBTC exchange platform using Tether.

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