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Brave Browser increases user base dramatically in 1 year

The privacy-focused Brave Browser has a lot of monumental feats to celebrate with their growing user base. After comparing their present data to the previous year, Brave Browser reports a significant growth not just in the number of active users but also of content creators.

From 8.7 million active monthly users in 2019, the privacy-focused web browser now reports an impressive number of 20 million. Compared to last year’s, the data shows a 130% increase which implies more people are shifting from more popular browsers to secured options that protect their privacy.

In terms of daily users, the number also increased from 3 million to 7 million. Additionally, the number of verified content creators skyrocketed from 300,000 last year to almost a million today. With Brave Browser’s unique private ad-viewing and reward system, users can tip their favourite content creators with their earned Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). Ever since Brave Browser started, a total of 26 million BAT have been given to content creators.

Brave Browser creates a conducive and safe online environment for everyone. Whether you’re a user, creator or advertiser, Brave Browser has a way for you to benefit without harming others. To generate income for advertisers and website owners, they came up with Brave Rewards and Brave Payments.

The open-source browser protects its users from ads and trackers that collect personal information and browsing behaviour. On the other side, advertisers and web owners can sell their products to Brave in the form of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Brave then converts this funding into its native coin, Basic Attention Token or BAT.

Brave rewards users with Basic Attention Token in exchange for viewing private ads. It’s up to the user if they want to earn tokens by watching ads curated to your interest based on your browsing behaviour in Brave. But unlike the ads you see in Google Chrome, these ads don’t have trackers in them and your personal data will not be collected.

The popularity of Brave hints that people are now more conscious than ever of their privacy online. True advocates of online privacy, Brave encourages not just regular users but also governments to be wary of their online activities and protect their data. Recently, Brave filed a complaint urging the European Commission to take disciplinary action against governments that do not properly enforce their General Data Protection Regulations.

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